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MERIK Limited Lifetime Safe Owner Warranty

We take pride in the quality, design, durability, and reliability of our safes. Therefore, MERIK Security, Inc. ("MERIK") is proud to offer a limited safe protection plan for the original consumer purchaser ("Purchaser") only within the Continental United States. What does a MERIK Limited Warranty mean for you?

Models covered by warranty:  Limited Warranty:
Gun Safes: Polaris, Javelin, Gemini, Apollo, Odyssey, Matrix, and Portal models Lifetime damage due to attempted unlawful break-in.*
Gun Safes: Polaris, Javelin, Gemini, Apollo, Odyssey, Matrix, and Portal models Lifetime damage due to home fire. *
All Safes and Factory Installed Parts Defects in parts for one (1) year from date of purchase.

Electronic and Mechanical Lock Warranty (factory installed)

One (1) year from date of purchase.
Field Service Installations and Repairs Ninety (90) days from date of purchase.


*Covers: (1) The opening and repair of the damaged safe, and (2) a FREE replacement safe of like size and type, if beyond repair.

This warranty applies solely to safes for residential use.  MERIK will either repair or replace, in its sole choice, safes damaged due to fire or an unlawful break-in upon receipt of proof of the homeowner’s insurance policy’s denial of such coverage.  Additionally, to qualify for repair or replacement, the Purchaser must provide the original purchase documentation and register the safe with MERIK within thirty (30) days of purchase.  Proof, in the form of a police or fire department report signed by an authorized investigator and his/her badge number, shall be required prior to MERIK’s repair or replacement.  In the event of replacement, MERIK will replace the gun safe with another gun safe of like size and type of your damaged gun safe or replace it with a current production model of comparable value. Repair does not include the lock, painted, and/or metal surfaces of the safe.  When possible, the safe will be repaired locally.  If necessary, MERIK may require the safe is returned to the MERIK distribution center, or to a location designated by MERIK, for evaluation, with expense for transportation to MERIK to be borne by the original purchaser.  Damaged safe must be returned to MERIK by prepaid freight along with the report made by investigating agency. The repaired or replacement safe shall be sent to customer freight collect. The responsibility of MERIK under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective part. In no event shall MERIK be liable for damages caused by inconvenience, loss of use, damage to contents, loss of contents, loss of profits, loss of savings or any other damages, whether incidental, consequential or otherwise, cost of any substitute equipment, facilities or services, downtime, the claims of third parties including customers, and injury to property upon breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict tort, or any other legal theory.  In no event shall MERIK's liability exceed the original cost of the safe.  Some states do not permit limitations on warranties or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.  Therefore, the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.  This warranty provides specific rights.  You may have other rights based on your state of residence.

MERIK is not responsible for the contents stored within the safe. Contents and normal safe interior wear and tear are excluded from any warranty. No warranty shall apply for safes and/or parts that have damage, deterioration, or malfunction resulting from: 

  • modification to safe without the prior written consent of MERIK;  
  • misuse or abuse of the safe, electronic lock or mechanical lock as determined in MERIK’s sole discretion; 
  • damage from moving, relocation, or shipment of the safe;
  • repair or attempted repair by anyone other than an authorized representative of MERIK, as determined in MERIK’s sole discretion;
  • the alteration, defacement, modification, or removal of serial number;
  • a combination lock or electronic lock that has been changed without MERIK's prior written authorization; or
  • normal wear and tear, scratches to exterior surfaces, painted surfaces, lack of periodic maintenance, neglect, water damage, tampering, mishandling, misuse, or abuse, as determined in MERIK’s sole discretion.
Accessories: LED lighting, dehumidifiers, AC power supply outlets and USB ports are not warranted by MERIK and MERIK is not liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature related thereto.  This limitation does not apply if Purchaser resides in a state that does not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. Please note: Electronic screens may depict varying colors of the safes.  MERIK does not warranty color variances.
Purchaser is not entitled to any warranties if Purchaser’s account maintains unpaid balances, past due payments, or any monies due accrued by the freight delivery company for redelivery fees, storage fees, or additional services requested by Purchaser of freight company at time of shipping or delivery.
All safes purchased are required to be properly anchored to the floor in order to qualify for a warranty. Any safe not properly anchored to the floor will be ineligible for repair or replacement if such safe would have qualified for same.  This warranty shall not apply to damage resulting from neglect; unusual or extreme conditions or events; unauthorized attempts to repair; use not in accordance with the instructions, including but not limited to damage resulting from the electrical cord; misuse, bending, denting, smashing, or alteration of the safe; improper installation; or from any other cause except as clearly warrantied above. MERIK specifically disavows any other representations, warranty, or liabilities related to the conditions or use of the safe.
Any repairs, dismantling, or tampering performed without the prior written consent of MERIK shall nullify any warranties or reimbursements (if applicable).

Any and all claims arising from this Limited Warranty shall be resolved solely in the courts of Broward County, in the State of Florida, and purchase of a safe evidences Purchaser’s consent to same.  Florida law shall apply.
This Limited Warranty is understood to be the sole warranty by MERIK, superseding any and all prior discussions or agreements, whether with an employee or representative of MERIK, whether oral or written.
For more information or to state a claim for warranty, please contact MERIK’s Customer Service Department at 1-866-410-3310 or at:  Merik Security Inc, Attention: Customer Service Department, 6601 Lyons Road, Unit H-3, Coconut Creek, Florida 33073 and include the following information:
  • Purchaser’s name and address;
  • Proper identification for verification of ownership (e.g., current driver license or Passport);
  • Proof of purchase (copy of original purchase receipt);
  • Serial number and model number of the safe;
  • Copy of Warranty Registration Form;
  • Product description and explanation of the issue;
  • Photos or videos evidencing the issue;
  • Police or fire department report (for unlawful break-in or home fire); and
  • Written denial by homeowners' insurance company.
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