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Safe and Vault Storage Polic

MERIK Safe provides the service of storing safes and vaults. The charges are as follows:

 Safe Description (height) Monthly Storage cost
Up to 48" in height including pallet $3.50/day plus shipping charges*
From 49" to 80" in height including pallet $5.00/day plus shipping charges*

*Partial days will be considered a full day. Daily storage charges will be incurred from the date MERIK Safe has possession of the safe or vault up to and including the day the safe or vault leaves the MERIK Safe facility. All safes and/or vaults that go into storage are subject to shipping costs from the MERIK Safe facility to the final destination. Shipping charges will be billed in advance of shipment and must be paid before the safe or vault is shipped.

Several circumstances under which this policy will apply...

    • Customer is moving to a new home and wants MERIK to store their safe until after they have relocated to their new home.
    • Customer is building a home or office and has purchased a safe or vault and construction delays result in a shipping delay.
    • Custodial issues may arise and safe or vault relocation and storage is necessary. MERIK Safe is NOT responsible for contents stored in safe.
    • and more...

    Please note: MERIK Safe will never transport a safe or vault WITH contents. The safe or vault must be empty when moved. MERIK is NOT responsible for damages to the stored safe or vault during transportation. New safes must be paid in full before we accept the safe or vault for storage within the MERIK facility. Storage fees are the responsibility of the owner of the safe or vault. Transportation (freight) costs from the MERIK facility to the customer of a stored safe or vault is the responsibility of the owner or buyer of the stored safe or vault. Such costs must be paid in full before the safe or vault leaves the MERIK facility.

    Safes and vaults are typically boxed in corrugated boxes at no additional charge. Optional safe or vault crating charge for added protection is available for an additional $300.00. Add 5 business days to build crate before shipment is made.


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